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Making the most advanced bicycle gearboxes in the world, Pinion makes high-precision shifting systems modeled after proven automobile transmission technology. Centrally integrated into the bicycle frame, Pinion gearboxes offer unique cycling dynamics and unparalleled shifting performance. Pinion gearboxes are ideally suited to the rigors of cycling. Virtually wear-free and requiring no adjustments, the gearbox provides long-term reliability under even the most demanding conditions.

Pinion P-Line gearbox cutaway

Pinion gearboxes shift at lightning speed. One or multiple gears, whether stationary or while riding!
We use a rotary-style shifter for optimal gearbox control.

Pinion gearboxes are ideally suited to challenging conditions that would quickly destroy other drivetrain designs. The sealed gearbox is always ready for action: sand, mud, rain, and snow don’t stand a chance. Even narrow and technical trails pose no threat thanks to the internal shifting mechanism.

Pinion gearboxes are fully sealed from water, mud, and snow


The C-Line gearboxes are available with 12, 9, or 6 gears. Patented shifting technology in a compact housing made of lightweight magnesium.

Pinion C-Line gearbox with a lightweight cast Magnesium housing


Pinion stands for reliable and durable drivetrains – under all conditions. The magnesium housing of the C-line is treated with a durable, anthracite metallic coloured powder coating. For additional peace of mind, a protective film protects the gearbox from stone chips.

Water ingress? Think again!

C-Line Gearbox Comparison

Number of gears 1296
Total range600%568%295%
Step size17.7%24.3%24.3%
Easiest gear 1.821.820.95
Fastest Gear 0.300.320.32
Gearbox weight ~2100g~2000g~1800g


The P-Line is available with 18, 12 or 9 gear options with equally spaced gears ergonomically designed for specific applications. The flagship P1.18 has the smallest gearing steps at just 11.5%. All gears are real gears, as there is no such thing as gear overlap with a Pinion. With a 636% range, the P1.18 offers the largest gear range on the market!

Pinion P-Line gearbox

P-Line Gearbox Comparison

Number of gears 1812
Total range636%600%
Step size11.5%17.7%
Easiest gear 1.821.82
Fastest Gear 0.290.3
Gearbox weight ~2700g~2350g