About us

Vapor Propulsion Labs

We are VPL. Founded in 2019 by longtime collaborators and industry veterans, Zach Krapfl and Forrest Yelverton. VPL is based in Paonia, Colorado and distributes products for Bosch, Pinion, Supernova and 3X3.



Zach Krapfl

Zach has been surrounded by great people in the bicycle industry since the 90’s- they all funneled him into the place he is today. He was part of the Bosch Ebike creation team in 2009, and has been through all stages of modern electric bike creation, and derives the most happiness helping new projects become realized. His appearance may change from time to time which is entirely due to sleep deprevation and the people he has to work with.


Frank Scurlock

Frank Scurlock oversees business development for VPL following a 30-plus year bike industry career that included stints at Gates, Rockshox, and as a co-owner of Spot Brand, Maverick, and Juliana, among others.


Aaron Goldschmidt

Aaron has been in the bicycle industry since 2018 when he started with Gates Carbon Drive on the supply chain team. There he helped scale the bicycle business and meet global demand for belt-driven bicycle drivetrains. Since 2022, Aaron has been with Vapor Propulsion Labs managing operations. Aaron specializes in logistics, supply chain, operations, and international business and currently holds CPIM & CLTD certifications from the Association for Supply Chain Management. He received his Bachelors in Management from Loyola University-Chicago and his Masters in Business Analytics from MSU Denver.

Program Manager - Pinion

Marc Seemann

Marc Seemann is the manager of Pinion North American Sales and Technical Support. If you contact Pinion NA, there is a good chance Marc will be at the other end of the phone or keyboard. Marc arrived at VPL with 22 years of industry experience starting in central Iowa bike shops followed by 8 years with Gates Carbon Drive in Technical Sales and Support. Between 2016 and 2022 Marc managed the US distribution of Pinion at Gates before moving to VPL in November of 2022. An avid cyclist and motorcyclist, Marc lives with his wife and daughter in Des Moines, Iowa.

Bosch application engineer

Chris Sulfrian

A veteran framebuilder, having welded over 1500 frames, for nearly a half dozen companies. Chris built some of the earliest Pinion-equipped bikes in North America, and still builds prototype frames for companies in the early stages of eBike system integration. His role at VPL encompasses being a Bosch integration specialist, manufacturing and process expert, Python tools developer, and web lackey.