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Bosch Mini Remote

Bosch Mini Remote

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Bar Diameter

As an additional control unit, the Mini Remote or the Mini Remote Dropbar complement the System Controller. They allow you to operate the eBike and display more safely, access more functions, and use practical additional features such as the smart walk assist. You can also switch the eBike light on or off. Wirelessly connected to the System Controller, they can be flexibly attached to the handlebar: the Mini Remote for standard handlebars such as eMTBs, the Mini Remote Dropbar for handlebars with a larger diameter, e.g. for eGravel and eRoad bikes.

Only compatible with the BES3 Smart System System Controller.

Product Code BRC3300 (22.2mm) or BRC3310 (Dropbar 31.8mm)

SKU EB13.100.001 (22.2mm) or EB13.100.002 (Dropbar 31.8mm)

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