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M99 Pro 2 3000 lm 6-12V 35W

M99 Pro 2 3000 lm 6-12V 35W

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With this you are the king of the road: The M99 PRO 2 is the brightest e-bike front light legally approved in Germany. With a high beam of up to 3,000 lumens and 450 lux, the 16-LED matrix sets new standards. The front light has an intelligent control center that manages components with short-term high power consumption such as a horn or a USB. A light sensor automatically switches between the new SMD LED daytime running light module and the low beam in fractions of a second. The completely redesigned aluminum housing and tempered front glass protect the optics and electronics from all environmental impacts with protection level IP67. All materials are subjected to stringent quality controls during the production of the front light in Gundelfingen, Germany. The front light is available in two versions - for fast E-bikes with an E-number and for 25 km/h bikes with a K-number approval.

Our service promise: 5 years warranty and at least 10 years of repairability for all lighting systems!

For even more performance of the M99 Pro 2 on the Bosch Smart System, you need the following additional components:

1x Power Boost Connector 

1x Power Connector Kabel Bosch Smart System (Low Power Port)

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