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P-Line Gearbox

P-Line Gearbox

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Number of Gears


Common to all gearboxes is the spur gearing consisting of two sub-units connected in sequence. The individual gear ratios are derived by matching the two sub-units with various cog pairings. The P1.18 gearbox is built using a 6-gear unit mated to a 3-gear unit – a 6 x 3 gearing type. The P1.12 gearbox is a 4 x 3 type.


Gearing optimized for touring use, from trekking to MTB. With a 600 % gear range, the P1.12 transmission far exceeds the performance of a comparable derailleur.


18 gears are used exclusively in our flagship P1.18. The unmatched overall gear range with equally spaced gear steps is the reference for bike touring and bikepacking.

Number of gears
18 12
Total range %
636 600
Step size %
11.5 17.7
Easiest gear
1.82 1.82
Fastest Gear
0.29 0.3
Gearbox weight
2700 g 2350 g

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