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Vapor Propulsion Labs | VPL

Rubicon Coffee - VPL special

Rubicon Coffee - VPL special

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Custom roasted for VPL. 12oz bags.

Choose the Dark Skies Blend for that deep, dark pourover experience.

The Honduras is great for espressso.

A little bit about Rubicon Coffee:

Each of Rubicon Coffee’s roasts is like ‘crossing the Rubicon’, where once the bean is roasted to that perfect place for that particular roast, a limit has passed where we can’t go back. That roast is committed. Once you try our coffee you, too, will have crossed the Rubicon and won’t want to go back to that other coffee.

Rubicon’s coffee beans are sourced from a variety of small farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. We believe in fair trade and the protection of the environment, worldwide.  We believe you will thoroughly enjoy our single origin coffee and our blends. Let us know how much you love our beans!

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